Frequently asked questions


How big does your stage need to be?

A reasonable size is a minimum of 6 metres wide by 3 metres deep , although we have performed on smaller stages.

What are your power supply requirements?

We are fully self contained with sound and lighting systems. We need a minimum of 2 separate 13 amp supplies. One for the sound system and one for the lighting. (please note: This does not mean a multi-way socket connected to a single plug).

It is particularly important to provide sufficient separate supplies for outside venues, e.g. marquees, as these often involve long cable runs.

What other facilities do you require?

Ideally we require a secure dressing room in which to change before, and during, the performance.


What about outside venues?

It is most important, for electrical safety reasons, that the stage area is protected from the weather.

What time do you need access to the venue?

We need access 2 hours before the performance to set up and carry out a sound check.
Early setup, such as pre-dinner, can be accomodated by arrangement.
If the access to the venue is difficult, e.g. not at ground level or some distance from the vehicle access, then we will need longer.
You should also allow approximately 1 hour after the performance for dismantling and load out.


How far do you travel?

There is no set limit. Please contact us for more information


Do we have to provide any catering for the band?

It is not expected but if provided at the event we will appreciate it!

Do you have insurance against accidents and damage at venues?

We hold public liability insurance of up to £10m. All electrical equipment is PAT tested.

Can you provide music between sets?

We can provide interval music if required.

How much do you charge ?

The cost depends on many factors such as travelling distance and performance times. Contact us for details.